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Wordpress Thesis Theme Adsense Skin Boosts CTR Like Crazy


From the desk of Robert Hawthorne
Houston, TX
Thursday, 8:38 PM
Hello fellow Thesis Theme users.
thesis theme skin adsenseDo your AdSense earnings feel a little sluggish – especially for all the time and work you put into your sites?
Man.  Believe me, I’ve been there.  I know exactly how that feels.
You see, I bought the Thesis Theme for WordPress when it first launched a few years back and scratched my head for a long time trying to figure out ways to boost my AdSense CTR.
Like many of you, my CTR’s and earnings were nowhere near where I wanted them to be.
Now don’t get me wrong.  I love the Thesis Theme.
But when it came to building AdSense, Affiliate, and CPA sites, it just doesn’t cut it right out of the box.
You need to do some heavy customizations in order to create unique and compelling designs that convert.
Now I’ll admit that I threw in the towel trying to create high CTR AdSense sites with Thesis.
I just couldn’t crack the code back then, so I decided to purchase another well-known WordPress AdSense Theme.
After a few months of using that theme, I noticed little to no difference in my earnings and went back to the drawing board with Thesis.
I was getting tired of spending dollars on quality content only to earn pennies on AdSense.
I decided to stick with the Thesis Theme and keep pushing until I found something that worked.
I began to start testing different designs, color options, AdSense placements, and just about everything that I could think of on several of my niche blogs.
This tweaking, testing, and tracking became nearly an obsession once I began to see positive results in my AdSense CTR.  The more I tweaked, the more a brand new design began to emerge.
A design so simple that you would think that it took me an hour to figure out.
But I can assure you, this design is the byproduct of constant testing, tweaking, and tracking for more than a year.
Now let’s keep things simple.
To make money with Google Adsense, you need people to click on the ads on your sites.
And the more people that click on your ads, the more money you’ll make.  Simple enough, right?
And that’s exactly what I’ve created.  I have been secretly using my own custom Thesis Theme Adsense Skin on niche websites and seeing up to a 12.21% CTR on my AdSesne ads ongoing, with many 9% and 10% plus CTRs.
For those of you who have a handful of niche blogs, go ahead and log into your Google AdSense account.
Take a look at your CTR’s.  Could they use a little boost?  Now do the math.  What if your niche sites were all receiving a 12.21% CTR.  How much would that boost your income?
Now I’d love to share screenshots or a video of my AdSense account to show you thousands of dollars in income.
I’d love to show you a list of many of my sites ranging from a month old to a few years old that receive 9% to over 12% percent CTR.
And I’d love to prove to you that these sites receive a few thousand visitors a day… but I cannot.
You see, if I showed you inside my AdSense account, I’d be violating Google’s TOS, and I could have my account shut down.  And that is definitely not a risk worth taking.
So I completely understand that we’re running on a little blind faith here, hence my guarantee.
Also understand that I’m not some newbie marketer who ‘thinks’ he stumbled onto something or maybe got lucky.
I’ve been marketing online full-time for the past 9 years and own countless niche websites – some of which get over 3,300 unique visitors a day.
You’ll notice this one blog (stats from Jan 2012 to April 25, 2012) that the traffic is increasing through all of the Panda and crazy Google updates.
While most marketers are seeing their sites getting hit, I’m enjoying better rankings and more traffic!
Now don’t worry. I’m not going to spend all day writing some long and drawn out salesletter here.  There’s no need to.
If you use the Thesis Theme and you also use AdSense, then you completely understand what my custom Thesis Theme AdSense Skin can do for your websites.
Think about it.  When you’re using the exact custom AdSense Thesis Theme Skin that I’m using, you will…
adsense earnings using thesis theme skinSave over a year and countless hours testing and tweaking a custom theme on your own
Have instant access to a proven Thesis theme designed to attract AdSense clicks like a magnet
Boost your AdSense revenue
Open the doors to other monetization methods now that you have a proven-to-covert Thesis Theme Skin
Instantly turn losing AdSense sites into winners
Sleep well at night knowing that your sites are completely “up and up” and your sites are built correctly
Make your visitors happy – your site will look nicer and cleaner than most if not all competing sites
Provide you the confidence to enter nearly any niche knowing you’ll make money
Rest assured that this Thesis AdSense Theme keeps content above the fold and is post-Panda friendly
Free up your time so you never have to worry about tweaking Thesis for AdSense ever again
Drastically reduce the time it takes to customize the Thesis Theme (you simply upload the files I provide)
Enjoy high CTR rates in nearly every niche you enter
Plus much, much, more
 All the files for my Thesis AdSense Skin to upload onto any of your sites
A PDF report walking you through the installation and needed tweaks
Complete access to a LIVE website using my custom Thesis Theme Adsense Skin
The bottom line is this:  If you use the WordPress Thesis Theme, you use AdSense, and your sites are not getting a 9% – 12% or more CTR consistently, grab my custom theme today for just $27.
And remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose because your purchase today is backed by my rock-solid 30-day money back guarantee:
Go ahead and test this custom Thesis Adsense Skin on any of your niche blogs for 60 days. If you are not happy with the increase in click-through-rate (CTR) or increase in AdSense commissions, just let me know and I will send you a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.  The bottom line is that I know this theme REALLY works because I use it daily.
Think about this: Why spend $49 to $99 or more for a WordPress Theme that promises to be a “WordPress AdSense Theme” but fails to deliver?  This custom Thesis theme will pay for itself many, many times over.  I personally guarantee it.
Click the “Add To Cart” button below and pick up your copy of the custom Thesis AdSense Skin today for just $27.
Your payment of $27 is 100% secure through ClickBank.  You will be able to download everything immediately following your order.
NOTE: This is a custom skin/theme for the WordPress Thesis Theme.  This Thesis AdSense theme will only work if you have the Thesis Theme installed on your site.
Thank you,
Robert Hawthorne
P.S… Remember, you are not buying a Thesis Theme that “may work” to boost your AdSense revenue and CTR.  I have proven my theme time and time again across multiple niche sites across multiple niches while enjoying up to a 12.21% CTR.  The bottom line is that this theme WORKS – and I 100% guarantee it or your money back.  Click here to order today!
P.P.S… Remember, you have a full 60 days to test out this custom Thesis Theme on any of your AdSense sites.  If you’re not happy with the increase in CTR, let me know and I’ll refund every penny – no questions asked!

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